Nicol Wistreich


Work includes

Subway Sun

2004 | Creator
A commuter dreams of life outside the city: filmed in one take in NYC subway, intercut with Bombay Hook nature reserve.

Agender: Inequality

2019 | Co-creator
A satirical mashup viral for ONE ahead of the 2019 G7 summit, generating millions of views.

Theatre in Education

2006 | director/producer/camera/edit
30 minute documentary about the power of drama in learning, following Glasgow's Tag Theatre as it stages a production of The Visit at Dalbeatie High School, featuring interviews across Scottish culture.

Brit Hip Hop

2001 | co-director/producer
UK hip hip history, and overview, including MCs, scratch DJs and graf. Includes Task Force, Rodney P, DJ Skitz, Fallacy, Tim Westwood, Dobie, Surgical Cuts, DJ Plus One, DJ Blood one, Natty, Dwella & Tempa. Made by Tom Fogg & Nic Wistreich, originally for DKTV, Camden.


2001 | co-director/producer
Documentary made with Tom Fogg. From Newlyn harbour to restaurant plate in London, the unseen world of fish.


2003 | wirter/director

Over the Wall

2010 | co-producer, co-editor
31 minute documentary following Bristol's Easton Cowboys as they return to the West Bank for a second time, exporing how football can build connections between communities.

Fragile Cakes

2009 | Camera/edit
A video set to Cinematic Orchestra's To Build a Home.

Living Cinema

2008/9 | Co-creator
An experiment in live-generated, MIDI & Wii-mote controlled cinematic visuals, with 4:1 aspect ratio – performed in a South London Secondary School, and the Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle.

This is ClipHop!

2003 | Co-creator
Closing party with live AV for ResFest 2003, with Ninja Tune's Hexstatic & Pest.

60 Films in 60 Minutes

2004 | Co-creator
Underground carpark cinema and AVJ set for the launch party for Publicis/Hewlett Packard's double Cannes Lions winning HyPe Gallery campaign.

Self Evident

2003 | Camera/Editor
A snapshot of the past with the 2003 anti-Bush march set to Ani DiFranco's Self Evident with extensive remix of Koyanisqaatsi.


1997 | director/camera/edit
Portrait of my grandmother Nancy.

Here's to the Crazy Ones

2011 | Editor
The words of Rob Siltanen and Ken Segall, spoken by Steve Jobs, using Creative Commons footage from the Occupy movement around the world in 2011.

Truth behind the EU Leave Campaign's £350m/week figure

Information video before the 21016 referendum unpicking the claim the UK sends £350m/week to the EU.