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Web design & build

My first site was Netribution, left in 2001. After it first ceased I made websites for charities, arts & media organisations and friends, using Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress – including:


Marlow Rowing Club - branding, design and build, WordPress; the Person-Centred Association - branding, design and build, Joomla, Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation – Codes of Conduct; via Northbridge, design, concept & Drupal build; Transition Lab Earth, branding, web design & Wordpress build; AWAZ: Equality Cumbria, design & Drupal build; Diabetes Care Trust, via Red Hot Irons, design & Drupal build; Lung Cancer Nursing UK (formerly National Lung Cancer Forum For Nurses), via Red Hot Irons, web design, theme building and implementation, Drupal 7, UIKit; Jonathan J Halperin & The Marcus Foundation, Drupal support; MJW Consulting, design, build & implementation, Wordpress, UIKit; Ruza Solutions, design, build & implementation, Wordpress; CiviCRM LLC, web design, strategy & community/event engagement; Second Chance Humane Society, via Peakmedia, Joomla, UIKit, build & design; Rob Manning Composer: Wordpress custom design and build; Victorian Inn: Joomla, UIKit; Colorado Boy: via Peakmedia, Joomla, UIKIt; Classworks Theatre: WordPress design & build; Drupal theme implementer in a large distributed team on major charity website relaunches for the American Immune Deficiency Foundation: for Back Office Thinking, Drupal co-build; Hillwood House and Gardens: for Back Office Thinking, Drupal co-build; CiviCon London: Drupal design & build; Shishukunj: Drupal implementation & build; Dead Donkeys: Wordpress theme build & Nation Builder integration; Maja Borg: Wordpress build; Tigers Milk Records: Wordpress desgin & build; Aug 2013; Scottish Documentary Institute: Future My Love: Joomla design, build & Nation Builder integration; Person-Centred Therapy Scotland, Joomla design, builid, CiviCRM & migration; Eelyn Lee Productions, Joomla design & build; Arts Beyond the Classroom: Joomla design & build; World Association for Person Centred Psychotherapy: Joomla design, build & CiviCRM integration; Re-Production: Wordpress logo, design & build; Teaching Citizenship: for Circle Interactive, Drupal; Ability Net: for Circle Interactive, Drupal, accessibility; Othona: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Praxis Unico: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Green Party Members site: for Circle, Drupal design & build; BT Accessibility site: for Circle, WordPress design & build; International Agency for Prevention of Blindness: for Circle, Drupal design & dev; Racial Equality Foundation: for Circle, Drupal design & build, The Technology Trust: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Circle Interactive: Design, Drupal theme; Clifton Suspension Bridge: design: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Freshfields Accessibility site: for Circle, Wordpress design & build; NHS Healthwatch: for Circle, WordPress theme & CiviCRM dev; Green Register: for Circle, Drupal build.

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work includes

Subway Sun

2004 | Creator
A commuter dreams of life outside the city: filmed in one take in NYC subway, intercut with Bombay Hook nature reserve.

Agender: Inequality

2019 | Co-creator

A satirical mashup viral for ONE ahead of the 2019 G7 summit, generating millions of views.

Watch This!

2006 | director/producer/camera/edit

Theatre in Education, following Glasgow's Tag Theatre as it stages a The Visit at Dalbeatie High School, with interviews across Scottish culture.

Brit Hip Hop

2001 | co-director/producer

Interviews with leading early pioneers of UK Hip Hop, filmed in the days around 9/11.


2001 | co-director/producer
Documentary made with Tom Fogg. From Newlyn harbour to restaurant plate in London, the unseen world of fish.


2003 | wirter/director

Over the Wall

2010 | co-producer, co-editor
31 minute documentary following Bristol's Easton Cowboys as they return to the West Bank for a second time, exporing how football can build connections between communities.

Fragile Cakes

2009 | Camera/edit
A video set to Cinematic Orchestra's To Build a Home.

Living Cinema

2008/9 | Co-creator

An experiment in live-generated, MIDI & Wii-mote controlled cinematic visuals, with 4:1 aspect ratio – performed in Kirdbrooke and Newcastle.

This is ClipHop!

2003 | Co-creator
Closing party with live AV for ResFest 2003, with Ninja Tune's Hexstatic & Pest.

60 Films in 60 Minutes

2004 | Co-creator
Underground carpark cinema and AVJ set for the launch party for Publicis/Hewlett Packard's double Cannes Lions winning HyPe Gallery campaign.

Self Evident

2003 | Camera/Editor
A snapshot of the past with the 2003 anti-Bush march set to Ani DiFranco's Self Evident with extensive remix of Koyanisqaatsi.


1997 | director/camera/edit
Portrait of my grandmother Nancy.

Here's to the Crazy Ones

2011 | Editor
The words of Rob Siltanen and Ken Segall, spoken by Steve Jobs, using Creative Commons footage from the Occupy movement around the world in 2011.
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