"Hope is the fuel of progress"

Nicol Wistreich

Slow down & try to fix stuff

Full-stack non-dev

(ie research/copy/video/project-management/UX/UI/css/cpanel/drupal/joomla/wordpress/civicrm/creative)

Marketing & Analysis

Mission & goal-focused development strategy, including user profiles, market analysis & service/system mapping. Conceived & developed the Virtuous Circle model with SDI.

Design, UX, CSS & implementation

Analysis-informed user journeys and wireframes, prototypes and designs through to implemented & tested mobile-responsive & accessible themes & layouts

Copy, editing & print

From snappy web copy and content strategy to essays and print publication layout. Five books & hundreds of articles & blogs published both online and off, from The Times to Adbusters.

Video & events

From the launch party for Hewlett Packard's double Cannes Lion winning HyPe Gallery, to YouTube channels, insider docs & mass charity web virals, if I can't make it – one of my network probably can.

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Front end design, UX and development

From global charities to solo artists.

These days I tend to work as contractor for non-profit & civic tech work, via the below:

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* Have worked with in last 6 months.

I also – occasionally – support sites directly, including three volunteer-run charities (Joomla/CiviCRM), an environmental organisation (Wordpress), a US foundation (Drupal), a filmmaker (Joomla) and composer (WP). I am part of the CiviCRM community.

Some essays, articles & blogs


International Film & TV Rights

Co-author, Market Tracking International, 1999, ISBN: 0954487400

Digital Asset Management

Author, Informa Media Group, 2001, 01843110229

Get Your Film Funded, 2003-04

Co-author/editor, Shooting People Press, 2003, 04, 0954487400

How to Fund Your Film, UK Film Finance Handbook 05-06

Co-author/editor, Netribution Ltd, 2005, 0955014301

How to Fund Your Film, World Film Finance Handbook 07-08

Co-author/editor, Netribution Ltd, 2007, 08 & 10, 0955014328

People Over Capital, chapter "Open Source Capitalism"

Chapter author, New Internationalist, 2013, 978-1-78026-161-4

Film Finance Handbook cover
2008, Netribution

Film Finance Handbook

Co-author of 492-page book on film finance, with dozens of case studies, and details of over 1,000 funds in 40 countries.
Digital Asset Management cover
2001, Informa Media

Digital Asset Management

Author of early book on creative strategies to digital opportunities and challenges, in music, film, publishing & video games.

Moving image…

Documentary made with Tom Fogg. From Newlyn harbour in Cornwall to upmarket restaurant plate in London, the unseen world of fish.

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hello @ visuali.st

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