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Case studies

Rob Manning
Website | 2016

Rob Manning

Virtuous Circle
CRM, social and web | 2010-2012

Virtuous Circle

Eeleyn Lee Productions
Website & projects | 2009-2016

Eeleyn Lee Productions

The Film Finance Handbook
Print & Online | 2003-2010

Film Finance Handbook

Since 1999

Digital creative

I began making web building last century with Netribution, a weekly magazine & vast data resource for indie filmmakers ("pioneering… hugely popular & influential" Time Out). Since then I've worked in creative design, UX, copy, strategy and video for a range of charity, indie film, music and non-profit projects.

I bring a design eye to open source projects, and work with the three best open CMSs, the three best CSS frameworks, and the best open CRM. Weaknesses include hyping things.

Wordpress logo
Joomla logo
Drupal logo
CiviCRM logo
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Marketing & Analysis

User behaviour, analysis, segmentation and strategy. Conceived & developed the Virtuous Circle method with SDI.

Design & UX

From user journeys and wireframes, to mockups, prototypes drafts and designs.

Web development

Front-end developer implementing Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla CMS & CiviCRM for responsive & accesisble websites.

Copywriting & editing

Award-winning writer, with five books & hundreds of articles & blogs.

Print & publications

From a 500 page book or detailed report to posters, signage and borchures, we've designed a range of media.

Video & photography

We can produce video and photographs for your project, or work with our talented network of creatives to do so.

Front end design, UX and development

From global charities to solo artists.

19 years wrangling CSS across CiviCRM, Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla. screengrab


Design & Build — CiviCRM, Drupal, Bootstrap
Ouray Inn Screengrab

Ouray Victorian Inn

Layout & Build — Joomla, YooThemePro
British Association for the Person Centered Approach screengrab

British Association for the Person Centered Approach

Design & build — CiviCRM, Joomla, UIKit
Sophie Eve website screengrab

Sophie Eve, Virtual Assistant

Design & Build — Wordpress & YooThemePro
Rob Manning, composer screengrab

Rob Manning, composer

Design & Build — Wordpress, Widgetkit, UIKit
Viva La Visa website screengrb

Viva La Visa

Design & Build — Custom javascript, Joomla, UIKit
Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas website screengrab

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

Theme & Build — Scrolling javascript & Wordpress
Fund Your Film Screengrab

Fund Your Film

Design & build — UIKit, CiviCRM, Joomla, Twitter
Shisukunj website screengrab


Theme & Build — Drupal
Eelyn Lee Productions screengrab

Eelyn Lee Productions

Deisgn & Build — Joomla, Zoo, UIKit
Tigers Milk Records website screengrab

Tigers Milk Records

Build — Wordpress
Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Desgin & Build — Drupal & Bootstrap — for Circle Interactive
Race Equality Foundation website screengrab

Race Equality Foundation

Theme & Build — Drupal, for Circle Interactive
Green Party England & Wales Screengrab

Green Party England & Wales

Design & theme — Drupal for Circle Interactive
Maja Borg, filmmaker screengrab

Maja Borg, filmmaker

Build — Wordpress
Freshfields My Computer My Way screengrab

Freshfields My Computer My Way

Design & theme — Wordpress, for Circle Interactive
Future My Love

Future My Love Documentary

Design & Build — animated scrolling website, Nation Builder, Bootstrap

Person Centred Therapy Scotland

Desgin & Build — CiviCRM, Joomla, UIKit
World Associaiton for the Person Centered Approach

World Association for the Person Centred Approach

Desgin & Build — CiviCRM, Joomla, UIKit
Fund Your Film Screengrab

Fund Your Film

Print, web & copy
A history of Horn Park screengrab

A history of Horn Park

Design & Build — Joomla
Friends to the stars screengrab

Friends to the Stars

Social network design & build
Reproduction screengrab


Design, branding & build
Netribution website screengrab


Design & Build — HTML static site 1999-2002 & Joomla site 2006-10

Films & events…

Writing & speaking…

Publications include

Digital Asset Management cover
2001, Informa Media

Digital Asset Management

Author of early book on creative strategies to digital opportunities and threats, in music, film, publishing & video games.
Film Finance Handbook cover
2008, Netribution

Film Finance Handbook

Co-author of 492-page book on film finance, with dozens of case studies, and details of over 1,000 funds in 40 countries.
People over Capital cover
2013, New Internationalist

People over Capital

Wrote chapter on the relationship between co-operatives and Open Source, for the New Internationalist book.
slow down and fix stuff
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