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Nic sitting at a BBC micro

This is me, aged 12, getting BASIC on a BBC Micro to control the lights, curtain and flash on a model theatre I'd made.

It reveals my two often conflicting passions: technology and storytelling.

At 17, with a group of friends, we put on the premiere of the Poet Laurette Simon Armitage's first play, Eclipse.

On a tiny budget we had live video and rear projection, and toured to the Edinburgh Festival (getting four stars in the Scotsman!).

Leaflet for Eclipse
Nic sitting at a BBC micro

At 20, at the peak of the dotcom bubble, inspired by famous entreprenerd dropouts and promises from VCs, Tom Fogg and I quit university to run full time.

We thought watching film on the web was going to be big, although everyone had 28kbps modems and two weeks after we quit, the dotcom crash happened.

In 2004 in a group including long-term collaborator Francis Morgan-Giles, I started organising AV parties where we remixed video and audio live.

We were asked by Hewlett Packard to run the launch party for their Cannes Gold Lion-winning HyPe Gallery.

Leaflet for Eclipse

Over the noughties I wrote a book on Digital Asset Management and made documentaries on Fish and UK Hip Hop with Tom Fogg. I wrote and directed a short film, Creation and co-wrote three books on Film Finance, self-publishing the second two and selling 11,000 copies between them. I interviewed Ewan MacGregor for a documentary about theatre in education. I co-produced Government-funded community 'living cinema' events with music, films, food and live visuals – and developed the Big Open Playlister to help venues manage video playlists across multiple screens. This led into the Virtuous Circle with the Scottish Documentary Institute to produce an open toolset for indie film producers.

Following the loss of my sister and a friend in 2010, less happened in the last decade.
I've writen about Coops and Open Source, made a mashup about gender inequality for Bono's charity and been a part of the community (an open source CRM for non-profits used by Wikipedia, EFF & 1000s more).


work includes

Subway Sun

2004 | Creator
A commuter dreams of life outside the city: filmed in one take in NYC subway, intercut with Bombay Hook nature reserve.

Agender: Inequality

2019 | Co-creator
A satirical mashup viral for ONE ahead of the 2019 G7 summit, generating millions of views.

Watch This!

2006 | director/producer/camera/edit

Theatre in Education, following Glasgow's Tag Theatre as it stages a The Visit at Dalbeatie High School, with interviews across Scottish culture.

Brit Hip Hop

2001 | co-director/producer

Includes Task Force, Rodney P, DJ Skitz, Fallacy, Tim Westwood, Dobie, Surgical Cuts, DJ Plus One, DJ Blood one, Natty, Dwella & Tempa.


2001 | co-director/producer
Documentary made with Tom Fogg. From Newlyn harbour to restaurant plate in London, the unseen world of fish.


2003 | wirter/director

Over the Wall

2010 | co-producer, co-editor
31 minute documentary following Bristol's Easton Cowboys as they return to the West Bank for a second time, exporing how football can build connections between communities.

Fragile Cakes

2009 | Camera/edit
A video set to Cinematic Orchestra's To Build a Home.

Living Cinema

2008/9 | Co-creator

An experiment in live-generated, MIDI & Wii-mote controlled cinematic visuals, with 4:1 aspect ratio – performed in Kirdbrooke and Newcastle.

This is ClipHop!

2003 | Co-creator
Closing party with live AV for ResFest 2003, with Ninja Tune's Hexstatic & Pest.

60 Films in 60 Minutes

2004 | Co-creator
Underground carpark cinema and AVJ set for the launch party for Publicis/Hewlett Packard's double Cannes Lions winning HyPe Gallery campaign.

Self Evident

2003 | Camera/Editor
A snapshot of the past with the 2003 anti-Bush march set to Ani DiFranco's Self Evident with extensive remix of Koyanisqaatsi.


1997 | director/camera/edit
Portrait of my grandmother Nancy.

Here's to the Crazy Ones

2011 | Editor
The words of Rob Siltanen and Ken Segall, spoken by Steve Jobs, using Creative Commons footage from the Occupy movement around the world in 2011.


Film Finance Handbook
Co-author/editor, Netribution, 2008

Co-author of 492-page book on film finance, with dozens of case studies, and details of over 1,000 funds in 40 countries.

Digital Asset Management
Informa Media, 2001

Author of early book on creative strategies to digital opportunities and challenges, in music, film, publishing & video games.

International Film & TV Rights
Co-author, Market Tracking International, 1999

ISBN: 0954487400

Get Your Film Funded, 2003-04
Co-author/editor, Shooting People Press, 2003-04

ISBN: 0954487400

How to Fund Your Film, UK Film Finance Handbook 05-06
Co-author/editor, Netribution Ltd, 2005

ISBN: 0955014301

People Over Capital, chapter "Open Source Capitalism"
Chapter author, New Internationalist, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-78026-161-4


work includes


Netribution, left in 2001, was praised for it's design ("admirably spare and fresh" – The Guardian), so since it first closed I've made websites for charities and people I know, using Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress – including:


Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation – Codes of Conduct; via Northbridge, design, concept & Drupal build; Transition Lab Earth, branding, web design & Wordpress build; AWAZ: Equality Cumbria, design & Drupal build; Diabetes Care Trust, via Red Hot Irons, design & Drupal build; Lung Cancer Nursing UK (formerly National Lung Cancer Forum For Nurses), via Red Hot Irons, web design, theme building and implementation, Drupal 7, UIKit; Jonathan J Halperin & The Marcus Foundation, Drupal support; MJW Consulting, design, build & implementation, Wordpress, UIKit; Ruza Solutions, design, build & implementation, Wordpress; CiviCRM LLC, web design, strategy & community/event engagement; Second Chance Humane Society, via Peakmedia, Joomla, UIKit, build & design; Rob Manning Composer: Wordpress custom design and build; Drupal theme implementer in a large distributed team on major charity website relaunches for the American Immune Deficiency Foundation: for Back Office Thinking, Drupal co-build; Hillwood House and Gardens: for Back Office Thinking, Drupal co-build; CiviCon London: Drupal design & build; Shishukunj: Drupal implementation & build; Dead Donkeys: Wordpress theme build & Nation Builder integration; Maja Borg: Wordpress build; Tigers Milk Records: Wordpress desgin & build; Aug 2013; Scottish Documentary Institute: Future My Love: Joomla design, build & Nation Builder integration; Person-Centred Therapy Scotland, Joomla design, builid, CiviCRM & migration; Eelyn Lee Productions, Joomla design & build; British Association for the Person Centred Approach: Joomla design, build & CiviCRM integration; Arts Beyond the Classroom: Joomla design & build; World Association for Person Centred Psychotherapy: Joomla design, build & CiviCRM integration; Re-Production: Wordpress logo, design & build; Teaching Citizenship: for Circle Interactive, Drupal; Ability Net: for Circle Interactive, Drupal, accessibility; Othona: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Praxis Unico: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Green Party Members site: for Circle, Drupal design & build; BT Accessibility site: for Circle, WordPress design & build; International Agency for Prevention of Blindness: for Circle, Drupal design & dev; Racial Equality Foundation: for Circle, Drupal design & build, The Technology Trust: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Circle Interactive: Design, Drupal theme; Clifton Suspension Bridge: design: for Circle, Drupal design & build; Freshfields Accessibility site: for Circle, Wordpress design & build; NHS Healthwatch: for Circle, WordPress theme & CiviCRM dev; Green Register: for Circle, Drupal build.

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