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Eelyn Lee


Eelyn Lee Productions


Eelyn Lee is an award-winning artist and filmmaker who has screened work across London including Barbican, Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery and Whitechapel Gallery.

As well as collaborating on several digital community projects, we designed and developed two iterations of her website.

  • Arts Beyond flyer
  • Horn Park screengrab
  • ELP site final - projects
  • Horn Park screengrab
  • ELP site 2010
  • ELP site design 1
  • Horn Park screengrab
  • Arts Beyond screengrab
  • ELP site final

    CMS and design in 2010 & 2016

    In 2010, we transitioned a ful Flash website to a CMS, using transparent PNGs to layer text and video content between imagery.

    “In 2015/16 the site was fully re-designed to reflect Eelyn’s expanding practice as both artist & filmmaker.

    A history of Horn Park in 100 objects

    Late 2010, website design/build

    In 2010 Horn Park Primary School invited Eelyn Lee to design and deliver their summer term Creativity Week. Eelyn invited every pupil, staff member and a volunteer parent group to bring a personal object in to school and share the story behind it. We built the website displaying them.

    "My kids thought my film was brilliant. They've been watching it over and over again. It's been important to them to see their mum produce something and come in to their classroom..."

    Arts Beyond the Classroom

    April 2010, website design/build & workshops

    Families from two primary schools in east London embarked on an exploration of arts and culture in the capital. Eelyn Lee was commissioned to document their journey and inspire them to film, write and draw their experiences. Nic designed and implemented a blog network for them to share their stories and films.

    The result was a lively group site populated by user generated content including over 30 video clips and 100's of photos, sadly no-longer online.